#68 Church of the Lost Shepard

This is such a beautiful place especially in the middle of the night. I have posted a picture before from here but I though I would share another one with you.



#67 Web

This web was one of those hidden ones suspended between two bushes on either side of a path. You know the ones you walk strait into face first and then spend ten minutes trying to get all the web off you. But when the late afternoon sun catches them just right they suddenly become visible in all their radiant glory. This image was all about capturing this web backlight by the sun and catching the face of a passer by before they became the spiders pray.


#66 Blue Powder

Sweet. It’s that time of year again, time to get the sticks out and head up to the mountains for some skiing. I’m heading over to Switzerland and doing the snow dance hoping for some fresh powder. Of course my camera  will be strapped to my jacket in the hope of catching a sunrise like this one.



#65 Happy New Year

Back from a two month photographic hiatus I bring you good tidings and my best wishes for the New Year.

At my local temple the Japanese celebrate the New Year in traditional style.


# 64 “Two rabbit heads please”

She was serving rabbit head. I did not quit have the stomach for it so I just took a picture instead.


# 63 High Speed Aluminium Tubing

Flying has always been exciting and fun to me. From getting my private license at age 16 in Palm Springs, CA to my current vocation of commanding commercial aircraft all over the world. It has allowed me to travel to many interesting places and learn  about people in many different cultures. I’m grateful to have had this opertunity and all that has come with it.


# 62 Dujiangyan Irrigation System

This project was initiated 2000 years ago and while China has no shortage of people it’s sill big job with a wheel barrow and a shovel. I climbed up a tower attached to a temple on the hill for this sweeping panorama. A little tricky in the mid day sun but it was fun and that is the name of the game.


# 61 Victoria Peak – Hong Kong

A little down time in Hong Kong so I took a hike up on Victoria Peak. It’s quit a feat of engineering to build a city on this location.

victoria peack, hong kong

# 60 The Shanghai Tower

This tower just looks cool as it twists its way towards the heavens.


# 59 Inside the Forbidden City

Gallivanting around the forbidden city I gazed up at this dome ceiling. This was just the ‘shack’ in the back garden. These emperors new all about the good life.


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